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Investment Planning Certificate
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Investment Planning Certificate       
Program Code: CL200511_Eng
Investment Planning Certificate
Mode of study:                    Lectures33 hours
Assessment scheme:          2 hours unseen MC examination100%
Tuition fee:                          HK$6,500 (member)
                                          HK$7,500 (non-member)

This course aim to introduce students to different types of financial securities including equity, bonds, derivatives; the analysis and valuation of these investment products; portfolio management and the assessment of the relationship between risk and return.


To introduce students to the financial market and different asset classes. To equip students with the techniques of valuation for different investment products. To familiarised students with the concept of risk-return approaches for investment. Further leads to the techniques of effectively manage institutional and individual portfolios of securities and other investment products. Content 

1.Investment environment and instruments
  1. Financial markets and market structure (1 hr)
  2. Security market indexes (1 hr)
  3. Hong Kong stock market (1 hr)
  4. Financial institutions and mutual Fund Houses(2 hr) 
 Topics include:
  • Size of HK Stock Market
  • Major brokerage houses and Fund houses in HK and the World
  • Constituents of Hang Seng Index, HSCEI and its analysis
  • How to use HSI to evaluate the Market Sentiment
2.Investment diversification concepts
  1. Measures of investment returns (1 hr)
  2. Measures of risks (1 hr)
  3. Diversification (1 hr)
  4. Markowitz portfolio theory (1 hr)
  5. Capital market theory (0.5 hr)
  6. Efficient market hypothesis (0.5 hr)  

 Topics include:

  • Risk adjusted Return Calculation using Real time data
  • How to Create a portfolio for a client
  • Correlation between different Markets and financial instruments
3.Valuation of equity investments
  1. Fundamental analysis (1.5 hr)
  2. Dividend discount mode (1 hr)
  3. Earning model(1 hr)
  4. Technical analysis  (1.5 hr) 
Topics include
  • Real life applications of technical analysis tools and theory
  • Value investment applications
4.Valuation of fixed-income investments
  1. Bond features (2 hr)
  2. Bond pricing and yields (2 hr)
  3. Bond interest rates and risks (1 hr)
Topics include
  • International bond markets
  • Government bonds investment Strategies
  • Corporate bonds investment Strategies
  • Emerging Market bonds Outlook 
5.Valuation of derivatives securities
  1. Forward contracts and futures (1 hr)
  2. Call and put options (2 hr)
  3. Valuation of options (2 hr)
Topics include:
  • Size of the HK Warrant Market
  • Liquidity of the Warrant Market
  • Types of warrants
  • Most popular warrants in HK
  • How to evaluate a warrant
  • How to choose an appropriate warrant for yourself 

6.Portfolio management measures and investment process

  1. Measuring portfolio returns (1 hr)
  2. Performance evaluation (1 hr)
  3. Assets allocation (1 hr)
  4. International diversification( 1 hr)
  5. The portfolio management process (1 hr) 
Topics include:
  • Basic financial planning process
  • Evaluating existing Funds Performance


7.Other Advanced Investment Topics
(Examples will be included in the course depends on time availability)
  1. Investment in Insurance Policy in US Market
  2. Outlook of different Financial Markets including US, Europe, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America etc.
  3. Pre-IPO investment
  4. Premium Financing
  5. Hedge funds categories and investment Strategies
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