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Intensive Training to apply ChFP (Senior)
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Intensive Training to apply ChFP (Senior)
With the support of PRC institutions and highly recognized by the Ministry of Labor & Social Security, PRC, members with IRFP and FIRFP can apply for the Direct Entry and Admission as the Chinese Financial Planner (Senior) (高級理財規劃師- 國家一級) which is recognized uniquely and issued by PRC Government. Bridging courses for members to apply this professional and recognized qualification is now available.

Schedule of Intensive Training (including Assessment):

  • 8 September 2007
  • 3 November  2007 
  • 14 June 2008 (NEW)

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1st & 2nd Intake has been held in Fu Tian Government College, Shenzhen. In order to let our members to understand more about financial laws and regulations in PRC, Lawyer Liu from Beijing was invited to be instructor. He shared detailed information and laws which are related to financial industry. As it was an intensive training, assessment has been arranged and done for members.