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Financial program organised with CEEA
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Financial program organised with CEEA       

SIRFP signed reciprocal agreement with China Enterprise Evaulation Assoication (CEEA) for organization of joint financial program in China. Its aims are to foster financial practitoners to achieve professional designation, International Registered Financial Practitioner (IRFP) and reach international professional standards with world-wide recognition. This training program will be conducted in the East China Normal University, Shanghai.

CEEA is a subsidiary of the Development Research Center of the State Council, PRC. It is the only entity, whose business scope covers the evaluation, research and consulting for the enterprises nation wide, registered through Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC.

From 1988 on, CEEA carried out evaluation and sequenced listing of 500 largest industrial enterprises, 500 largest enterprises in building industry and 500 largest firms in service industry, and give detailed comparison and evaluation on China’s industry, transportation communication, finance, construction, trade, tourism, importation & exportation. The released comprehensive and specialized analyzing report had gained higher reputation. Recently, CEEA has promoted the healthy development of China’s enterprises through the evaluation on the maturity of China’s Small Business

Main Business Scope                                                   
1、Regular investigation on China’s large enterprises’ development. CEEA Publishes the reports on development of large enterprises, collects annual important data、cases and research paper of large enterprises.

2、Evaluation on the developing small enterprises and Release of the research results on monitoring of the business cycle.CEEA researches and evaluates the maturity of small enterprises conducted through scientific model and data monitoring system. Its main purpose is to completely understand the fundamental operational situations of small enterprises, observe and reflect the trend of market economy, regularly release the index of business cycle of the enterprises in order to provide references for the governments at different levels on the macro management and serve for the operation of small enterprises.

3、Conduct internationalized, standardized enterprise evaluation
CEEA enhances international communication and cooperation of enterprise evaluation, utilizes the methods and experiences used by Fortune to constantly research for the approaches so as to perfect the evaluation system and methods of Chinese enterprises. It also promotes the communication between domestic and foreign enterprises, business investigation and training.

4、Establish enterprise consulting  system
CEEA perfects Chinese enterprise evaluation network, receives the consignments of respective authorities to conduct market research and consulting, to do investigation of enterprises, to give diagnose on projects, to predict on the development of industry, to do business consultation and release of evaluation reports.

Research results                                                             
◆Evaluation and Research of China large enterprises Contents: 500 largest industrial enterprises, 500 largest enterprises in building industry and 500 largest firms in service industry

◆publish The report of large enterprise development annually

◆China 500 largest private enterprises

◆Evaluation and Research of developing small enterprises

◆Evaluation and Research of Chinese advertising company

◆Evaluation on potential sponsor-enterprises of 2008 Olympic games and analytical report

◆The market analysis and industrialization research of intellectualized traffic system