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Application & Snapshots of Training Workshop
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Application & Snapshots of Training Workshop       

Training workshop has been held frequently for new and existing members in order to enhance their financial knowledge. During the training, we have invited experienced experts and financial commentators to give valuable insights in investment and market forecast.

The aims of the Intensive Workshop is to assist new comers to equip as AIRFP or IRFP under a fast track. According to the annoncement of the Academic Committee, starting from the end of 2008, those who would like to apply as AIRFP and IRFP, they should pass Examination of 8 modules. Details of modules, please refer to "Route to Membership".

For the training workshop, submitted application should be scanned and approved by Acadmic Committee in order to make sure all applicants have fulfilled the requirement of the Society.   Applicants will receive the confirmation to notify the attendance.  For any problem, please email to member@irfp.org for enquiry.


Dr Y C Chan(曾淵滄博士) , Director, Faculty of Business, MBA Program & Associate Professor, Dept of Management Sciences, City University of Hong Kong and Mr Andrew Wong, Assoicate Director, One China Securities Ltd have been invited to give talks in Jan 2007

Schedule of Training Workshop (Summer and Autumn Class):

  • 16 and 18 Aug 2007
  • 15 and 18 Sept 2007
  • 18 and 20 Oct 2007
  • 24 and 31 May 2008 (New)

Application Form for Intensive Training


 Enquiry: (852) 2836 0231