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“How to be a professional Financial Planner ?” 4-day training workshop (3rd Intake)
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“How to be a professional Financial Planner ?” 4-day training workshop (3rd Intake)       
In order to enhance the profession and quality of practitioners in financial services industry, the SIRFP regularly organizes seminars and training workshops for members and public to participate. A 4-day training workshop, "How to be a professional financial planner? " (3rd Intake) is scheduled to commence by the end of June 2006. Experienced and well-known speakers will be invited to be instructors to train those who would like to become elites and professional financial planners to provide top financial services.
For enquiry and enrolment, please call HK Secretariat Office.
「如何成为一位杰出理财策划师」培训班 (第三屆)
Duration                       : 24 hours (4 days/ Two Saturdays and Sundays)
Teaching mode             :  Taught by experienced speakers with group discussion and role –play
Commencement Date   :  End of June
Teaching Modules 教授内容 :
※ Rapport building ﹙建立客户信任技巧﹚
※ Financial goals and objectives ﹙如何掌握客户财务目标﹚
※ Financial analysis ﹙分析客户财务状况﹚
※ Design financial solution/plan ﹙制订理财方案﹚
※ Preparation of client’s meeting ;﹙面见客户的准备﹚
※ Financial solution/plan presentation ,﹙理财方案推介﹚
※ Business generation skill   ﹙如何成功销售理财产品﹚
※ Markets analysis ﹙金融市场分析﹚
※ Investment products’ knowledge ﹙认识投资产品﹚
※ Risk assessment ﹙风险评估﹚
※ Role play ﹙角色扮演-客人与从业员﹚
Fee                               :  HK$ 8,800 /person (Including speakers’ fee, Study notes, Certificate)
Venue                           : Joint Professional Centre, Central
Enquiry Hotline              : (852) 28360231