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China Corporate Investment & Financing Services Center
2007-11-14 18:54:40     Sources : back

China Corporate Investment & Financing Services Center

China Corporate Investment & Financing Services Center has been set up to provide Consultation Services of Corporate Financing Services and Wealth Management to enterprises and Individuals. With the support of PRC Government institutions, associations from PRC and Overseas, well-known financial institutions and Investment banks, the Center has good support and resources to provide professional and comprehensive consultation services and advices in financial aspects. 

In order to exploit SIRFP’s human resource and expertise for it, SIRFP establishes “Investment and Financing Advisory Committee” to give assistance and support for the "China Corporate Investment & Financing Services Center" which offers professional support to the enterprises and those who are seeking for the financial services. We believe it creates opportunities for members to identify business opportunities. 

Members are welcome to join and contribute their strength and knowledge for the Committee. For details and application, please feel free to contact us.