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Benefits to Members

Mutual Recognition with professional associations and government institutions

  • Collaborations give members reciprocal membership rights of the other Organizations. Members may apply for the Direct Entry/ Admission as full members with the exemption of required examinations under intensive training.
  • Certified Wealth Manager by the American Academy of Financial Management (“AAFM”)
  • Manager of International Capital Management by the International Academy of Professional Investment Management (“IAPIM”)
  • Certified Financial Planner (Senior) by the Ministry of Labour & Social Security, PRC
  • CFP-CN (CFPTM) by the Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planners
  • Professional Qualification by China Futures Association
  • PRC Insurance Intermediaries

Collaboration with world-renowned universities in China and overseas

  • Collaborate with SIRFP in several areas: academic research, professional qualification and exchange program.
  • Members of SIRFP can participate joint program and exchange program provided by SIRFP and universities to improve professional standards for the industry.
  • Universities for cooperation include Wisconsin International University, Daemen College, the Central University of Finance Economics and the Sun Yet-Sen University, etc.

Explore business opportunities for members

  • SIRFP invited as founding member of Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce, subsidiary of Shenzhen Government.
  • In order to provide professional advices to enterprises and individuals in corporate financing & investment projects, “Shenzhen Investment & Financing Solutions Center” has been founded by both parties.
  • In order to exploit SIRFP’s human resource and expertise for it, SIRFP establishes “Investment and Financing Advisory Committee” which offers professional support to our corporate members and creates opportunities for members to identify business opportunities.

Participation of Financial Forums and workshops

  • Members have privileges to join the forums, seminars and workshops, which are organized by SIRFP and related partners in order to encourage the exchange of information and development of financial markets among countries and enhance professional standards.

Benefit to Corporate members

  • Enhance corporation to be more professional and competitive
  • Easier to match with international standard and trend
  • Enhance confidence to clients and partners throughout professional training
  • More exposure to public through the activities of SIRFP
  • More opportunities to meet and work with other potential partners with the network of SIRFP