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A Study Trip for PRC practitioners
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A Study Trip for PRC practitioners

In order to enhance the financial knowledge of PRC financial practitioners, a study trip on 23 to 24 Jan 2008 has been arranged for 20 financial practitioners from Guangxi, PRC. In the trip, they visited the financial institutions (including ING platform services Limited, Get Nice Holdings, Securities Division of Bank of Communications and Hong Kong Monetary Authority, HKMA Information Center. Participants all work for banks, insurance companies and financial department of corporations in China. Throughout the 2-day trip, they could understand more about the operations and business services of the financial industry in Hong Kong and world wide institutions. They could also learn more knowledge in the aspects of securities, wealth management, IPO criteria in Hong Kong, etc.


-          Group photo in HKMA

-          Participants picture with Ms Toby Kwong, Committee Member and Ms Mimi Tang, ING


-          Picture in Bank of Communications



-          Ms Daisy Cheung, Get Nice explains the development of securities industry in HK and IPO process