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Video for the 2007 Congress
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 Video for the 2007 Congress

The Congress: Part I (Opening Ceremony, the Int'l Financial Awards for Excellence Ceremony in the DYT State Guest Hse, Beijing)



The Congress: Part II (SIRFP Executive Financial Professional 2007 and the Morning Speech Session in the DYT State Guest Hse, Beijing)

Video Clipping: http://avi.irfp.org/2007sirfpexecutiveaward.avi

 The Congress: Part III (the Afternoon Speech Session in the Summer Palace)

Video Clipping:http://avi.irfp.org/afternoonsessioninthesummerpalace.avi

Company Visits on 15 June 2007 (中國銀行, 中國民生銀行)

Video Clipping:http://avi.irfp.org/companyvisits.avi

Site-seeing and the Study Trip to Chengde (承德)

Video Clipping:http://avi.irfp.org/siteseeing.avi


 Video Clipping:http://avi.irfp.org/snapshots.avi