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HK- Singapore Corporate Financing & IPO Study Tour
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“HK- Singapore Corporate Financing & IPO Study Tour "

“HK- Singapore Corporate Financing & IPO Study Tour” that organized by the SIRFP, IAPIM and PRC institutions will be held by early of 2008 (Date to be confirmed). The theme of the trip is to let PRC enterprises understand more opportunities in overseas financing; listing process and criteria in Singapore and other countries; tactics in fund raising; Investment environment in Singapore, etc. During the trip, we will visit the UBS Hong Kong Office, the Singapore Exchange and Site of Singapore Casino Resort, etc.

The Trip is now open for application. For PRC participants, we give assistance for application of travel permit (Visa) to Singapore.  

Download Leaflet for Itinerary

Download Application Form For HK and Overseas participants

Download Application Form For PRC participants