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2006 International Capital Financial Congress (Beijing, China)
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All eyes were on the 2006 International Capital Financial Congress held on 25 February 2006 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

Jointly organized by the Society of International Registered Financial Practitioner (SIRFP) and the China Enterprise Evaluation Association (CEEA), the 2006 International Capital Financial Congress was the first of its kind in Asia, where participants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and the States gathered to share their experiences and tackle the challenges ahead.


Coverage for the Congress at sinatown.com 

The Background 

2006 marks the final year of China’s 5-year transition period from its WTO membership in 2001. After 2006, China’s financial markets will be completely opened, promising a bright future for the global economy. But before the world walks through these open doors, they need to fully prepare themselves in order to grasp all the opportunities that lie ahead – and unearth the challenges that lay hidden. Some of the issues that need to be addressed include:

  • How to create a level playing field in an open market?

  • How should local and international financial institutions re-position themselves in the new market?

  • How should China’s financial system gradually evolve into one that is market oriented?

  • Where can individual companies look for new directions in a globalised economy as they explore new paths in asset management, finance, taxation, investments, listings and restructurings?

With this backdrop, the 2006 International Capital Financial Congress aims to let participants –including local or foreign companies – gain a clear view of how China’s financial markets are developing, with plenty of case studies for their reference. It also paves the way for China’s SMEs (small to medium enterprises) to raise funds abroad by supplying them with adequate information of overseas listing requirements.

The Congress

During this information-packed conference, speakers from government organizations, research institutions, as well as company CEOs, legal advisors and insurance professionals were invited to give a total of 10 seminars on topics relating to finance. The breadth and depth was exceptionally broad, covering all aspects of the industry, from China’s macro economy to new investment instruments. 

In his opening speech, Mr Lu Zhiqiang, former Vice Director of the Development Research Centre of the State Council, PRC, as well as the Vice Director of the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, said, “The Congress is held at a very suitable time with an appropriate theme. It is high time to discuss how China’s financial system should develop and how it can link up with the rest of the world.” 

At the same time, he hoped that the Congress can let China’s SMEs learn more about the rules and risks of raising capital overseas. He believed that the Congress serves as a platform not only for participants to try on new ideas, but also for economists and entrepreneurs to share their hands-on experience. “I hope everyone will find the Congress fruitful, informative and practical,” he concluded.

Dr Marcus Ling, Vice President of the Society of International Registered Financial Practitioner, said in his opening remarks that it was a precious occasion for financial experts and business executives to come together and exchange ideas in international capital financing.

Here is the list of Guest Speakers and their Topics

Session 1 

Topic: Financial Reform with System Innovation

  • Speaker: Mr Li Bao Min, Vice Director, Economic Research Centre of State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, PRC

Session 2   

Topic: Risk of Overseas Investment and Fund Raising

  • Speaker: Mr Wilfred K.P. Tsui, Gallant Y.T. Ho & Co.

Session 3  

Topic: Human Resources Development and Prospect of China’s Finance Practitioners

  • Speaker: Mr Wong Kwok Wah, Vice-principal, The Central University of Finance and Economics

Session 4   

  • Topic: Enterprise Multi-Financing Channels

  • Speaker: Mr Liang Gui, Director, China Torch Program Center, Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC

Session 5  

Topic: Listing Process and Criteria in Hong Kong

  • Speaker: Mr Ren Guangming, Chief Representative of the Beijing Representative Office of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx)

Session 6   

Topic: Global Metropolis in Singapore – An International Marketplace for Funds, Innovation and Technology

  • Speaker: Mr Lim King Boon, Counsellor (Industry and Investment), Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in China and Regional Director (North and West China), Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

Session 7   

  • Topic: Real Estate Investment Trust

  • Speaker: Mr Justin Chiu Kwok Hong, Executive Director of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd.

Session 8      


  • Topic: Opportunities to obtain Capital from Financial Institutions (ICP)

  • Speaker:; Mr Tyler Chan, Senior Vice-President, GE Corporate, and Mr Peter Chen, General Manager of GE Corporate Financial Services

Session 9   

  • Topic: Raising Funds in the Emerging Capital Market (IPO in Singapore)

  • Speaker: Mr Gao Xiangnong, CEO, Multi Vision Intelligent Surveillance, a Singapore listed company

Session 10   

Topic: Analysis and Development of the Financial Industry in the PRC

  • Speaker: Dr Ba Shusong, Vice Superintendent, Finance Research  Department  Development Research Centre of the State Council, PRC

2006 International Financial Awards for Excellence: Prize Presentation Ceremony

The focus of the Congress was undoubtedly the prize presentation ceremony of the 2006 International Financial Awards for Excellence. Jointly organized by the Society of International Registered Financial Practitioner (SIRFP) and the China Enterprise Evaluation Association (CEEA), these eight awards recognize the outstanding achievements of companies and individuals in the many areas of finance - including investment products, strategy formulation and wealth management. This year, the awards go to:

Corporation Award

Best Financial Strategy Corporation: Porsche AG

At the end of the 2004/05 fiscal year, renowned sports car manufacturer Porsche Group had cash and assets of more than Euro 3.6 billion. Together with the two bonds to be issued through its subsidiary Porsche International Financing plc, the company has optimized its liquidity structure to maintain a consistent, comfortable liquidity cushion.

Best Investment Strategy Enterprise: Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited

Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited is the flagship of the huge multi-national conglomerate Cheung Kong Group. A property development and strategic investment company, Cheung Kong Holdings Limited is one of the largest developers in Hong Kong; about one in twelve private residences was developed by the company. In 2000, it extended its business into biotech operations. Its diverse business portfolio also includes IT and the Internet.

Financial Services Institution Award

Best Single Premium Investment Product Provider: Royal Skandia

Launched in 1984, Royal Skandia is part of the Skandia UK group of companies and is based on the Isle of Man. With USD$12 billion funds under management, Royal Skandia offers a range of tax efficient investment plans that provide a combination of capital growth opportunities, value for money, flexibility and first class service. Its leading products include the Exclusive Investment Bond and the Managed Capital Account.

Best Regular Premium Investment Product Provider: Zurich International Life

Zurich International Life is part of the Zurich Financial Services Group, one of the largest financial services companies in the world. Zurich International Life specializes in offshore businesses worldwide, with offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The company’s key regular premium product Vista is a tax-efficient, simple and flexible savings plan with a choice of investment strategies for the clients to choose from.

Best Professional Wealth Management Company: AMG Wealth Management

One of the top professional advisory firms in Hong Kong, AWG Wealth Management provides personalized wealth management and financial planning services to professional and high net worth individuals. In 2006, the company was awarded a Caring Company Award by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of its good corporate citizenship and constant contribution to the Hong Kong society.

Personal Award

Distinguished Achievement Award: Mr Chiu Kwok Hung, Justin, Executive Director of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited

With over 26 years’ experience in real estate business in Hong Kong and abroad, Mr Justin Chiu is one of the most respected specialists in the property sector. Under his leadership, Cheung Kong became the #1 property seller in Hong Kong for three consecutive years. This remarkable achievement has earned him the title “The God of Property”. As a pioneer in real estate investment trust business in Asia, he is also known as “King of Asian Reits”.

Best ICP Strategist (Greater China): Mr Tyler Chan, Senior Vice President, GE Corporation – Trading & Licensing

Mr Tyler Chan has been working for GE for over 15 years. He has assisted many countries and companies to expand and go international through GE’s Industrial and Commercial Corporation Program (ICP), involving amounts totaling more than US$60 billion. When GE expanded into China in 2005, he successfully formed strategic alliances with five major Chinese enterprises involving no less than US$100 per annum.

ICP Signing Ceremony between GE and China Rare Earth Holdings


The signing ceremony of General Electric and China Rare Earth Holdings marked the birth of one of the largest integrated business corporations in the world. With strengthened business collaboration, Mr. Jiang Quanlong, Chairman of China Rare Earth, anticipated a strong boost in profits. “We expect to reap huge synergistic benefits from the partnership with General Electric,” he said. The company will benefit from the enormous demand and strong technical support from General Electric. 

Looking Ahead

SIRFP and CEEA will continue to organise conferences, seminars and exchange tours. More training and visit opportunities will be provided to Chinese enterprises in particular. The organizers aim to raise the level of corporate governance and accounting systems in financial institutions and companies so that they meet international standards.

About China Enterprise Evaluation Association (CEEA)  

CEEA specializes in nationwide evaluation, research and consultation. A subsidiary of the Development Research Centre of the State Council, it is the only organization of its kind to register with the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Since its establishment in 1988, CEEA has been compiling and ranking China’s businesses and has been releasing China’s top 500 lists, including China’s top 500 largest industrial enterprises, China’s 500 most efficient enterprises, service enterprises and construction enterprises.

CEEA produces reports that contain detailed comparisons, analysis and evaluations of the size and efficiency of these companies, and its research covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transport and communication, finance, construction, business, tourism and import-export trade. These in-depth reports have gained recognition and approval from companies and the public alike. Its recent research on China’s large companies and growing SMEs has promoted the healthy development of China’s blooming business environment.