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The 1st China Finance Conference at GZ (29-30 June 2006)
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The 1st China Finance Conference at GZ (29-30 June 2006)   

Friday, 02 June 2006      

In order to promote financial planning business for the peoples of China, letting the professionals to exchange ideas; absorbing the successful experiences at overseas and to let the common public understands more on concepts of scientific financial management, the China Finance and Management Association in conjunction with Guang Zhou Modern Finance and Management Association co-organize the conference and invite some related institutions at overseas to sponsor “The 1st China International Finance Conference"(中国国际理财大会).The Society of International Registered Financial Practitioner is invited to be the assisting-unit for the Conference. All our SIRFP members were welcome to participate. The Conference has been successfully held on 29 and 30 June at Guang Zhou Phoneix Hotel.

At the conference, guest speakers address and give speeches on special subjects at the forum. Through the meeting, influence of the industry has been increased in the community in terms of social recognition; scientific concepts in financial management and promotions of services.


China Finance and management Association, Guang Zhou Modern Finance and Management Association

Guang Dong Zhong Da Zhong Qian Investment Planning Ltd.

Assisting Units: 
Hong Kong Baptist University, School of Business, Society of International Registered Financial PractitionersAsian and Pacific Economic Times,  China Finance Magazine,  Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Taiwan, Guang Zhou City Confederation of Unions, Money Managers (Global) Limited

Overseas Finance & Economic Network:

China Network:

Asian and Pacific Economic Times,  China Finance Magazine, China Securities Journal,  Finance Weekly, Peoples’ Journal of China, Yang Sheng Evening News

Asset Dynamic Management Ltd., Chinese Investment Group International Finance Company Ltd., Finet Group Ltd., Lau & Au Yeung C.P.A. Ltd.

Brief Schedule of the Conference

主題座談 及 專題演講
Panel Discussion & Forum

Date         :2006-06-29 ~ 2006-06-30
Venue      :Phoenix City Hotel, Guang Zhou  廣州鳳凰城酒店

Meet local & overseas finance professionals for the exchange ideas and knowledge 結識來自海內外的各界人士,交流理財資訊與心得。

Panel Discussion:

Expertise panel discussion on 3 different theme of interest as the Overture (三個分場進行不同主題的名士座談會作為會議前奏)

Forum      :

Distinguished speakers in the areas of finance and economics, by special invitation, will address the conference and give talks  (特邀經濟、金融、理財界名士為您剖析投資、理財的發展,開啟您事業新篇章。)

Carnival     :An evening of fun with old friends and new acquaintances

Fortune Saloon:

Broadcasted TV talk show –a special TV program by Tele-Vision Southern 
“Experience and Vision on the future of China’s Finance and Management

Each scene will be lead by Officials, Scholars and Experts from home and overseas
(各分場由政府代表 及 海內外學者 及 業內著名專家 客座主持)

Guests and speakers
国际著名经济及财政学专家, 亚太经济合作组织的注册商业顾问钟国豪博士           

Time:   2006-07-01 to 2006-07-02
Destinations:  Guang Zhou City & Sze Wui Shi

  • To enjoy the Lai Chee Festival at Tseng Sheng and a taste of Lingnan fruits;
  • To visit Lai Wan District of Guang Zhou City and appreciation of tea, listening of classical songs, sight-seeing at curious castle, jade street, walk through the streets with Lingnan Architects and visit the famous ancient temple;
  • Special arrangement of dinning at Sze Wui Shi including famous vegetarian style setting for thousand persons.