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President's Message

Message From Prof Kevin Lawler

Thie is very true that the international economic and financial environment is changing in ways that we still do not fully comprehend.

We are now in an age in the history of mankind when economic and financial interactions among countries have become so pervasive and complex that it has become impossible to fully comprehend, let alone predict, the course of future developments.

Forward planning & relevant professional advices are crucial for all of us to avoid potential crisis. This principle is also true for a company which seeks to achieve stable growth and survival in a competitive world. Professional financial advice is a core industry in Hong Kong. It is reasonable to say that financial advice services will develop rapidly as an industrial giant in HK as has happened in the rest of the world. We hope that the profession in HK will cooperate to establish a network to strengthen the industry and foster its rapid growth.

The financial and capital markets of China will have to continue to change and evolve so that China itself can continue to progress on a sound economic and social foundation. Indeed, optimal resource allocation is the indisputable bedrock of a functioning market economy and an irreplaceable catalyst for sustainable long term economic advancement. Undoubtedly, China’s financial and capital markets will play an overwhelmingly important role. More importantly, the world is, more than ever, closely watching the next step of China’s journey toward full-fledged market capitalism.

Under such ever-changing international economic & financial environment, we look forward to seeing our practitioners to use their knowledge and professionalism to provide good services in Hong Kong and China and to exchange their ideas with practitioners from the rest of the world.

Prof Kevin Lawler

Past President of SIRFP