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About Sirfp


The Society of International Registered Financial Practitioner (“SIRFP”) is a non-profit making organization founded by financial and academic professionals from Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and abroad.  Our members are from various financial industries, including banking, securities, asset management, accountancy, real estate, insurance, etc.  SIRFP is formed with an objective to promote financial practitioners’ professional integrity, to improve their professional standards as well as quality of service, and through the provision of continuing professional training, to accommodate the ever-changing global financial servicing industry.

With members from ethnic Chinese residing in China and all over the world, SIRFP carries a mission to articulate professional integrity and criteria, based on its own criteria, for ethnic Chinese practitioners to follow in their respective Chinese communities.  To this end SIRFP will, by adapting its professional criteria to the local communities, differentiate itself from professional bodies of financial practitioners based in the western regimes.  SIRFP has therefore been widely received and supported by experienced financial practitioners worldwide since its inception – providing a platform for financial practitioners to elevate professional standards for the industry. 

Within a short time frame, world-renowned academia and semi-government institutions in Worldwide, including China have actively developed both academic collaborations and exchange programs with us in order to exploit SIRFP’s human resource and expertise.  SIRFP will endeavor to create opportunities for members to improve the financial industry’s quality as well as to identify business opportunities.

The International Registered Financial Practitioner (IRFP) designation is a professional qualification for financial services industry practitioners.  Practitioners having the required working experience and after passing the examinations approved by SIRFP will be qualified for the IRFP designation, signifying that the practitioner has achieved the required professional standard.  And we will secure IRFP’s international accreditation and recognition by training, certifying and reciprocal recognitions.

Members can participate in SIRFP’s qualification examination by self-studies or by enrolling in courses launched by training organizations recognized by SIRFP.  Members may also add value to their career through Continuing Professional Trainings (CPTs) and courses held jointly by SIRFP with other academic institutions.

To increase members’ international exposure, SIRFP will hold periodic exchange programs, seminars and study tours.  Members will therefore have opportunities to meet members of other countries and overseas financial practitioners, visit foreign financial institutions and have more thorough understanding about financial structures of other countries.  In addition, the Society will play an active role in developing public educations by carrying out activities in various communities to promote financial knowledge.

SIRFP will advocate guidance and criteria proposed by practitioners in Hong Kong, China and overseas.  This will serve to oversee financial institutions so as to protect public interest and help improve professional quality of practitioners.  We will strive to keep our belief, pursue our vision for elevating the standards of the financial profession and made every endeavor to contribute to the financial industry.